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Fyrtårn til op til 4 personer
Vela Palagruža, Adriaterhavskysten Kroatien (Kroatiske øer), Kroatien

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Dette fyrtårn ligger i Vela Palagruža. Stedet angives på landkortet. Der kan du også se, hvor dette fyrtårn befinder sig. Uden ansvar: Det er alene boligpræsentationens beskrivende tekst og ferieboligens adresse i rejsedokumenterne der er gældende.
The lighthouse was built in 1875 on the island bearing the same name and is located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, between the Italian and the Croatian coast. It is the most remote Croatian island and the lighthouse. It is situated 68 NM to the south of the town of Split and 26 NM to the south of the island of Lastovo. The island is 1400 m long and 300 m wide, and is covered by Mediterranean vegetation. The lighthouse is located 90 m above sea level in the central part of the island. There is a keeper at the lighthouse. As the lighthouse is located high on the hill, it is not recommended to older people and those not physically fit. The island is surrounded by nothing but the open sea which gives you an incomparable feeling of being separated from the rest of the world. The sea is very rich in fish. Due to the isolated location of the island, guests should bring their own supplies. The lighthouse can be reached by ferry from Split to Vela Luka (three and a half hours), then by car to Korčula and from Korčula by motorboat (3 hours). On the island of Palagruža, spend 2 weeks as Robinson Crusoe, take a break from the civilization, enjoy your solitude and find your inner self.

Did you know that Palagruža lighthouse is situated on an island rich in animal life, endemic plants, several archaeological sites and numerous stories and legends?

With its two beautiful beaches, two long old paths and a lighthouse at its elevated central part, Palagruža is a true open sea island at ''the end of the world'', offering all the modern Robinson Crusoes a great escape from civilization. Legend has it that Greek hero Diomedes also found a refuge here after wounding Aphrodite and fleeing both Troy and her revenge. Archeological discoveries confirm this ancient legend, however due to heavy erosion, ''evidence'' for the other stories about the island lay somewhere at the sea bottom. Therefore we can only make guesses about a Roman temple and the other artifacts. On the other hand there are written records that Pope Alexandar III was on Palagruža. Spellbound by the beauty of Palagruža archipelago, the Pope changed its route and visited the island. A small plateau where he was served dinner on has ever since been called the Pope's Field.

Orientation 123 km south of Split, 42 km south of the island of Lastovo
Transportation connections by car to Split, by ferry to Vela Luka on the island of Korčula, by car to town Korčula, by boat to Palagruža
Beach pebble, a short stretch of shallow water

Hot and cold water supply system yes (Important to economize water use)
Drinking water yes, cistern
Electricity network yes, 220V solar panels
GSM signal yes

Arrival 09.30h - 12.00h
Departure to 09.30h
Parking at the lighthouse no
Guaranteed parking yes
Parking space Korčula
Parking space included in price yes
Food supply no
Rent a boat no
Excursions by arrangement no
Lighthouse keeper yes

General info
Capacity 4
Area cca 50 m2
Room double bed, 12 m2
Living room 2 sofas, 14 m2
Kitchen 13 m2
Shower-WC 3.50 m2


  • 4 personer
  • fyrtårn
  • 1 soveværelse
  • 1 badeværelse
  • 50 m² grundareal


Yderligere rum


  • dobbeltseng (1,80 m bred)


  • bruser

i opholdsrummet

  • 2 enpersoners sovesofaer



  • udbyderen bor på grunden
  • ingen internet
  • kæledyr er ikke tilladt

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